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  1. Samukazahn Reply
    Apr 03,  · The setting and your current mood also affects it way more than the strain itself. There's no "magical strain" if you don't want to be paranoid. CaliOGKush Registered User. Joined: Mar 28, Messages: Likes Received: #4 CaliOGKush, Mar 31, Last edited by a .
  2. Samugami Reply
    Oct 23,  · Album: Music from the FX® Series Artist: Ramin Djawadi. Album: Music from the FX® Series Artist: Ramin Djawadi The Strain Season 3 "Lady Liberty" Promo (HD) - .
  3. Fejin Reply
    i firmly belive that anxiety from smoking weed comes from one of 3 factors. 1. the plant is left the vine too long and gets overripened. 2. someone has some fertilizer or bugkiller on the bud that you smoked. 3. you are scared of repercusions for smoking, not being able to do your capitalist job. blame greed for all 3.
  4. Bat Reply
    Dec 25,  · Let’s be honest: sometimes weed can make certain people paranoid. And some people experience paranoia even without smoking. If you’re prone to paranoia, using high CBD strains is ideal. CBD has been shown to help counter the anxiety as well as paranoia that THC may bring about in some people. Here are 5 strains.
  5. Mezizil Reply
    The u/WinterSweet community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place.
  6. Goltisho Reply
    Nov 15,  · hey. i love jack herer for a nice soaring high with no paranoia. powerplant is another one with a nice soaring high and no paranoia. if you go with strains that have too much CBD you can get very tired and couch locked when smoking. these two above mentioned strains are perfect for a daytime medical high in my opinion.
  7. Akizshura Reply
    Cannatonic is a strain that was specially bred with the patient in mind. This makes it a great strain for those who want t use marijuana for medicinal purposes. The breeders of this strain purposefully kept the content of CBD high and the content of THC low.
  8. Kajizilkree Reply
    Jun 19,  · Except for the trainwreck, ww, and og, this thread reads like a who's who of strains that make my skin crawl. I wouldn't call it paranoia, although can see why people do, for me it actually accentuates musco pain, spams, restless-leg neuro type symptoms, possibly headache, etc. Very taxing set of side-effects if your adrenals aren't up to it.
  9. Grokora Reply
    Listen to The Paranoid Strain episodes free, on demand. The podcast that explains why so many people believe ridiculous conspiracy theories. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker – and even in your car. For free. Bonus and ad-free content available with Stitcher Premium.

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