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    Jul 18,  · Bacteria beat out humans in many ways, said Robert J. Sternberg, a professor of human development at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. "Humans only imagine they dominate the Earth.
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    It is in the tissues and in the soul of woman that we can decipher the purposes of the law of the propagation of the race. Females of all species have an almost sacred respect for their young. Mother love goes far deeper than sexual love. The bitch, like the lioness, defends her litter with reckless courage.
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    A lack of consensus about the number of "races" reflects role of "race" as cultural construction, rather than biological reality. If human groups were really as distinct as the notion of "biological race" supposes, then "experts" should be able to agree on the number and composition of races.
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    Dec 16,  · Because early modern Euopean thinkers saw superficial differences between different groups of people. So they put all the myriad ethnicities of the world into three little boxes. There is only one human species that consists of thousands of differ.
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    Definitions of Race •Boyd: () We may define a human race as a population which differs significantly from other human populations in regard to the frequency of one or more of the genes it possesses –It is an arbitrary matter which, and how many, gene loci we choose to consider as a significant "constellation" Definitions of Race.
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    The earliest Homo sapiens were probably too homogenous to have identifiable racial characteristics. The development of pale skin and longer noses, such as in those of European origin, arose in.
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    Home / Shop / Vinyl / 12"/LP / Conation – The Dichotomy Of Earth And The Human Race LP. Sold Out. Conation – The Dichotomy Of Earth And The Human Race LP $ Out of stock. Label: Black Wire Records, Braindead Records Cat#: BWR B3 Laws Like These B4 Control Ethics Part 1 & 2.
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    These myths are radical and dangerous in nature to the human species and are currently aggressively promoted by elite and international societies. Overpopulation cannot exist in a close system designed to maintain homeostatic balance. This is what Mother Earth does for us.

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