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  1. Megal Reply
    Jul 23,  · Dynamite is a Power Combo used in Kirby The Crystal Shards made by combining the Stone and Bomb abilities. Kirby chucks a bundle of dynamite sticks to destroy enemies, star blocks or elemental barriers. Kirby can kick the dynamite around by walking into it, but it will ricochet off walls and such, making it difficult for Kirby to aim precisely at enemies, and Kirby must move quickly - Meaning: Stone Bomb ストーン = Stone, ボム = Bomb.
  2. Malall Reply
    Dynamite Blast is a funny game with 30 missions where you get to blow stuff up with dynamite! Destroy bridges, towers and ramps with dynamite to solve the mission objectives. Place bombs on the right places and blow them up with the left mouse button.
  3. Shakree Reply
    Dynamite is a related term of bomb. As a verb dynamite is. As a noun bomb is (informal) the atomic bomb; the capacity to launch a nuclear attack often used with “the”.
  4. Shajora Reply
    Dynamite Blast 2 is the sequel of the popular physics-based destruction game. Place your dynamite and blast railroad engines, bridges, cars and other objects. Enjoy!
  5. Fauzuru Reply
    Aug 29,  · The Quick Trick: If it's a white powder found in sticks, it's dynamite. If it's a yellow crystal, it's TNT. Use this little mnemonic to remember dynamite's inventor: "Winning a Nobel Prize would.
  6. Kezil Reply
    Dynamite, blasting explosive, patented in by the Swedish physicist Alfred lempoeschenynecmemescompcapsoftswerook.coinfote is based on nitroglycerin but is much safer to handle than nitroglycerin alone. By mixing the nitroglycerin with kieselguhr, a porous siliceous earth, in proportions that left an essentially dry and granular material, Nobel produced a solid that was resistant to shock but readily detonable by heat or.
  7. Fejora Reply
    In the first Paperinik New Adventures story (Donald's superhero alter ego), the hideout is destroyed when Gladstone Gander lights a stick of dynamite, which he believes to be a candle.. It's a little more complicated: it was the first story of the original Paperinik, while the rewamp Paperinik New Adventures happened almost thirty years later. Also the example makes more sense than most, since.
  8. Kigaramar Reply
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