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  1. Samuzshura Reply
    You were my summer love You always will be my summer love [Zayn:] So please don't make this any harder We can't take this any farther And I know there's nothing that I want to change, to change [All:] 'Cause you were mine for the summer Now we know it's nearly over Feels like snow in September But I always will remember You were my summer love.
  2. Arashikus Reply
    May 21,  · “Summer Love” is quite literal about the title. Carly sings about living daily romances, where she just enjoys the moment without getting emotionally attached.
  3. Mubar Reply
    Nov 09,  · Summer Love is a melancholy, sweet song about a fleeting summer relationship that’s coming to an end now that one person is leaving. It is the thirteenth track on .
  4. Mehn Reply
    Jul 03,  · Summer has always been considered the most romantic of the four seasons. The clear skies, the blazing sun, the gentle summer breeze, and the lazy afternoons flavor the season with passion and warm love. It's also a time when many experience the passion and heartbreak of young love while on summervacation.

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