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  1. Docage Reply
    Aug 21,  · % FIXED () Works % now It took a few years finding someone capable of fixing it The issue was more problematic than I realised (a broken part that is difficult to find nowadays). I'll.
  2. Zolor Reply
    Ultegra Cassette. Before mounting the cassette on your wheel, remove the loose 16T cog and its one associated 11s cassette spacer. If you drop out the 16T, the cassette will still have a progressive gearing spread (the same gearing range that Shimano uses for speed cassettes).
  3. Dabei Reply
    I don't want to print from the rear tray; I want to print from the cassette tray. I do select the cassette paper type yet the message, above, is always the same. Support Code just tell how to load the cassette tray. HELP, please. Dave5.
  4. Samujas Reply
    Mar 01,  · Follow this procedure to troubleshoot if the cassette compartment will not open or the tape is stuck and will not eject. IMPORTANT: If the camcorder model has a RESET button, first try pressing this button. If there is no RESET button, or pressing the button does not resolve the issue, continue with the troubleshooting steps below.. Turn off the camcorder.
  5. Tygonos Reply
    Oct 09,  · Audio cassette players may be on their way to either obsolescence or collectibility, but they haven’t reached that point yet. The cassette player is infamous for eating tapes and making weird sounds when something goes wrong, but yours doesn’t have to join that club.
  6. Kigamuro Reply
    Feb 28,  · In addition to money, the Salvation Army accepts donations of vehicles, furniture, appliances, clothing and countless other household items. Some items aren't acceptable due to safety problems or legal restrictions, but the organization takes most household goods in usable condition. Clothing and Smaller Items The Salvation Army accepts all clothing for men, .
  7. Goshura Reply
    VCR won't load cassette. Cassette doesn't drop down when pushing it in. Hi, I have a Toshiba VG VCR that no longer loads cassettes. I removed the lid, and can see that when I push in the cassette, it doesn't go down all the way. The gears of the white part on the right in picture 2 turn and make noise, but don't seem to do anything.
  8. Fenris Reply
    May 09,  · Cassette tapes were once at the cutting edge of personal music collections, offering portability and piracy. The "mix tape" was a romantic rite of passage in the s. Recording songs from the radio - or from another tape if you splashed out on a double-tape deck - to give to a loved one or a mate was a painstaking business.

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